Wednesday, January 2

Educational Oppourtunites from the Portland Water Bureau

Recently, I was asked if we had a video called "Conserving Portland's Water Supply". We didn't - so I poked around online abit and made contact with Briggy Thomas, the Education Program Manager with the Portland Water Bureau.

Briggy has sent us this video along with some literature, and it will be available for check-out from the Multimedia Library by the second week in January. The Water Bureau offers other educational and classroom resources including Field Trips and Lesson Plans. For more information contact:

Briggy Thomas - Education Program Manager
Phone: 503.823.7407


Matt Murphy said...

I can't believe no one has posted anything to this exciting blog.

Adrienne Howard said...

Hey!! No drive-by blog postings, buddy!!

I only have like 8 subscribers to my blog's feed...what did you expect? :)

How the heck are you, Matt? Email me!!!!

Elaine said...

Great blog!